Boats & Oars for Sale


Please contact the Craftsbury Outdoor Center by phone, (802)586-7767, or email, to purchase any of the boats listed below. Check back frequently, as we often add boats as the season progresses. Our fleet is under the watchful eyes of our fleet managers and interns, so you can be sure the boats have been well taken care of.

You can put down a $500 security deposit as soon as any boat is listed. All boats will be available for pickup or delivery any time after our camp season ends on October 1. A few specific boats may be available earlier if circumstances permit. Call or email Troy. If you plan to pick up your boat yourself, you must bring your own boat rack, straps and flagging.

Note: If you live in the state of Vermont or pick up your boat at Craftsbury as a private individual, you are required to pay 6% Vt. state sales tax. This tax is not included in the listed prices. Out of state buyers using a registered boat carrier to deliver their boats are exempt from sales tax.

Clients interested in transport via a boat carrier are responsible for making their own arrangements. Shippers the Center has worked with in the past:

All boats will be de-rigged for no additional charge prior to shipping.

Purchasers that will be attending the Head of the Charles (HOCR) may wish to take advantage of shipping your equipment on the Craftsbury trailer. Boat shipping for the HOCR is available for $140. This weekend is busy enough that boats delivered to HOCR will only be available for pickup at specified times TBD.

All purchasers must pay balance before boat can be shipped. Keep watching the website as we may be able to offer additional shipping options via our trailer. Space is limited for trailering, so if you're interested, note that when making your deposit.

If you are interested in a pair of sculls, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

#YearModelDescriptionPriceDate Available
 1 2015 Peinert X25  All green hull - serial #PBOX0415C515  $4145.00 10/5/18
 6 2015 Peinert X25  All blue hull - serial #PBOX0416C515  $4145.00  10/5/18
 10 2015 Kaschper Flyweight  All white hull and decks - serial #ZXQ04102A015  $5441.00  10/5/18
 14 2015 Peinert 26  White hull/yellow decks - serial #PBOP1004C515  $3795.00  10/5/18
 19 2014 Peinert 26  White hull/green decks - serial #PBOP0976C414 - minor repair to deck 2017  $3529.00  10/5/18
 22 2015 Peinert X25  All red hull - serial #PBOX0409A515  $4145.00  10/5/18
 24 2015 Peinert X25  All green hull - serial #PBOX0414C515  $4145.00  10/5/18
 HP 2015 Peinert X25  White hull/red decks - serial #PBOX0408A515  $4145.00  10/5/18
 34 2015 Peinert 26  All yellow hull - serial #PBO1003B515  $3795.00  10/5/18
 36 2014 Peinert 26  White hull/red decks.  Rigged high for taller/heavier men (>6'2", 210-225#)    Serial # PBOP0979C414 $3529.00 10/5/18
 C2 2014 Peinert 26  White hull/blue decks - serial #PBOP0974B414 $3529.00  10/5/18
 XT 2015 Peinert 26  White hull/red decks - serial #PBOP1005C515 $3795.00  10/5/18
 D1 2013 Peinert Dolphin  White hull/red decks - serial #PBOD0169A313 $3855.00  5/1/18
 Z1 2014 Peinert Zephyr  White hull/grey decks - serial #PBOZ0261C414 $3717.00 10/5/18
 M2 2014 Maas Aero  All white boat - serial #XBQ22169B014 $3735.00  5/1/18
 M9 2014 Maas Aero  All white boat - serial #XBQ22166A014 $3735.00  5/1/18
 M10 2014 Maas Aero  All white boat - serial #XBQ22170B014 $3735.00  5/1/18
 HP1 2013 Kaschper Flyweight 1X  All white - serial #ZKQ04078K013 $5060.00  10/5/18
 HP2 2015 Kaschper Flyweight 1X  All white - serial #ZKQ04103A015 $5441.00  10/5/18
M22 2014 Maas Flyweight All-white, wing rigger.  Serial #XBQ33146A014 $3835.00  5/1/18
M23 2014 Maas Flyweight All-white, wing rigger.  Serial #XBQ33147B014 $3835.00  5/1/18
Demo 2017 Sykes Initiator Hwt 1X (100kilo) All-white, impact-resistant construction.  A fast hull design that's tough as nails. $3565.00  5/1/18
GRP 2007 Sykes 1X Black hull, yellow decks, quick-release rigger.  75 kg crew weight.  $4025.00  5/1/18
GRP 2010 Stampfli 1X All white, club model.  Serial #12899.  Boat twice won U23 W1X trials (2013/2014).  70 kilo crew weight (145-175#).  $4365.00  5/1/18
GRP 2010 Stampfli 1X All white, club model.  Serial #10556.  Unrepaired damage by log - no leaks and still being used by our coaches.  90 kilo crew weight (180-210#) $4015.00  10/5/18
GRP   Van Dusen Advantage 1X  Dark Blue/Grey Van Dusen Advantage.  Bow destroyed and subsequently repaired.  Still very stiff and fast, not showing its age.  Painted carbon wing. $2850.00  5/1/18
GRP 2001 Hudson 1X  All grey, 75kg model.  Bargain of the bunch and easy to row racing single $2735.00  5/1/18
GRP 2010 Filippi 2X Carbon stern wing riggers, 75 kg hull.  Double only, not convertible to pair.  $8704.00  5/1/18
GRP 2012 Sykes 2-/2X 80kg hull, Sykes Mould 13 model.  Rack damaged, repaired at Finish Line Shell Repair in Baltimore.  $7950.00  10/5/18
GRP 2010 Filippi 2X/2- 95 kg crew weight Pair/Double.  Aluminum stern wing riggers.  $9293.00  5/1/18


We currently have no oars for sale. Please check back again later in the spring.

Payment in full is required to hold sculls. Sculls will be able to be picked up or delivered no earlier than October 1. Sculls will leave VT having been repaired by C2 if necessary before departure. Unfortunately, Vermonters and those who pick sculls up from the Center must pay 6% Vt. sales tax, not included in the listed prices below.

Those purchasing sculls and a shell can have their sculls delivered in tandem with their boat. Shipping only sculls can be accomplished one of several ways:

  • By personal pickup (with the additional 6% Vt. State sales tax as noted above)
  • Via the Center's Trailer to the Head of the Charles Regatta, October 21-22, 2017 for no additional charge, or
  • Via UPS from Concept2. UPS currently costs $60 for shipment in the lower 48 for up to two pairs of sculls (up to two (2) pairs can be fit in each box at the $60 rate). C2 shipping three (3) or more pair requires a commercial address and can be truck shipped for $75. Shipping costs to Canada or anywhere outside of the lower 48 can be quoted - drop us a line.

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