Demo Program

The Demonstration Equipment Program

2017 marks the sixteenth year of the Craftsbury Sculling Center's Demonstration Equipment Program. During the program's life, we've had equipment from the vast majority of manufacturers serving the North American market. This year's selection offers clients a cross section of products to try. Nowhere else can guests try such a wide variety of quality boats, sculls and accessories to find a model which best suits them.

If you are considering investing in rowing equipment, this is a valuable opportunity for you to explore and refine your preferences. One's rowing equipment investment is a very personal decision based on skill level, water conditions, performance needs, comfort, and level of financial commitment. What better way to figure out what works than in person, on the water?


Notes From Our Boathouse

Check here for the current status of equipment you will be able to test at Craftsbury during your stay. This page is updated regularly as we receive new shipments from manufacturers. Craftsbury makes every effort to have boats available for the duration of the season; however, the exact timing of equipment arrival or departure is dependent on the manufacturer's production and delivery schedule.

Demo boats access is included as part of our program for participants, coaches and staff. We will do our best to accommodate non-program participants who wish to test row in one of three ways: during an afternoon free row pending availability, during a scheduled private lesson or at a scheduled session where we can provide safety supervision at a rate of $40/hr. Sadly, for insurance purposes, we cannot allow the general public unsupervised out on the lake.

Most equipment will be sold at the conclusion of the season; please watch the Boat sale page for details. You may email your questions to

The manufacturers are listed alphabetically:

Concept2 -
We currently have these Concept2 products available:

  • A full range of Dreissigacker Racing Oars
  • All blade design styles: smoothies, fat smoothies, smoothie2 (fat and regular) and the vortex edge.
  • Low Inertia and ultralight shafts, adjustable handles, plus the newest sleeve/collar design.
  • Model D and Model E indoor rowers with PM3 and PM4 Monitors
  • Skinny Sculls with Fat2 and non-vortex Smoothie blades
  • Dynamic Ergs with PM4 Monitors

Croker Oars -
We have three pairs of Crokers, all of the S2 soft Slick Blade model. Both narrow (pink) and medium (yellow) grips are available.

Fluidesign -
We have four sizes of Fluidesign singles currently in the house: lightweight (up to 145lbs), midweight (145-180lbs), intermediate (180-200lbs), and heavyweight (200-225lbs).

Hudson Boat Works -
We have the following boats for the 2017 season from Hudson:

  • S1-11 Great White 1X, bow-mounted rigger
  • Predator 2X (140-170lbs)
  • S1-31 Great White 1X, bow-mounted rigger
  • Predator 2X (170-190lbs)

Kaschper Racing Shells -
We now use Kaschper shells exclusively for our true flyweight guests. We also keep a flyweight double for camper use.

Maas Racing Shells -
The Craftsbury Camp fleet has the following boats:

  • Maas Aero
  • Maas 24
  • Maas Flyweight

Nielsen-Kellerman -
Several NK SpeedCoach units are available for you to test. You can row a session with a SpeedCoach in one of our outfitted shells.

Peinert Boat Works -
The Craftsbury camp fleet includes all the models built by Paul Milde:

  • Peinert 26
  • Peinert X25
  • Peinert Dolphin
  • Peinert Zephyr

Shimano -
For 2013, Shimano supplied us with several of their innovative new foot stretchers and a lineup of their rowing shoes. We have them installed in several shells at present, but if you're interested in trying them and we don't have an appropriate craft with them installed, we'll move them to a better fit for you.

  • SRD700 shoes
  • SRD600 shoes
  • KF-R600 stretchers


Shox-Box -
The Shox-Box is an accessory for the erg that aims to reduce shock to the back at the finish and to simulate some of the feel of on the water boat movement. An additional feature is a slight increase to the incline of the leg drive, providing a greater level of resistance training. Try it in our fitness room.

Sykes Racing North America -

  • MW HKCC 1x Mould 20