Camper Quotes

“The beauty of the place, the knowledge and skill of the coaches, and the friendly and helpful staff, who clearly love this place, made this the most positive experience of my summer.”

“I was so impressed with the way it was possible to create invaluable learning experiences for brand new scullers and long-time scullers. I never imagined I could learn so much in one week.”

“[The] coaching staff is so experienced yet so approachable. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.”

On our coaches: “Fabulous. Such a lovely collection of amazingly talented rowers, communicators, supportive instructors and just all around fun and passionate people. The enthusiasm and dedication is contagious.”

“I can’t say enough about the coaching. The way things were explained and the use of analogy was impressive. The camp was extremely well run.”

“Helped me fix 20 years of bad habits in a week!”

“Thank you for providing such a relaxing, beautiful, and friendly venue where we make great memories every year. See you next year!”

“Thanks for the gift of being able to say, ‘I’m a sculler.”

“From the very first moments the welcome was universal and though I was a novice there was tremendous support from interns, coaches, and fellow scullers.”

“I’m an experienced rower looking for fine tuning. I’ll be back again and again… I always go home a better rower.”

"The highlight of every year for me. It's a genuine pleasure to be with such good people, in such a challenging yet supportive environment, and in such a beautiful setting."

"Each time we have trained at Craftsbury we have either come away with a World Championship or Olympic gold." -Bent Jensen, Coach Danish National Team (Gold and Bronze Medals at Atlanta), 1996

"This place is heaven on earth for rowers. I love it that it is accessible to anyone, from someone with little rowing experience to elite rowers. It is very inspiring to come here."

"I especially enjoyed the yoga in combination with sculling. The instructor did an awesome job with yoga geared to sculling."

"This is a beautiful spot. The food was great, the coach-student ratio was great, the instruction was very helpful, and the opportunities to swim, kayak, run, bike, and relax all contributed to an exceptionally relaxing and enjoyable week. Thanks!"

"Wonderful! Vermont is heaven and this lake is an oasis! I gained skills, confidence, and a relaxing therapeutic experience. All went the EXTRA MILE. Thank you!"

"It was FUN to learn. The coaches provided a wonderful balance of positive reinforcement and things to work on."

"Every single staff person I came in contact with made me feel welcome and taken care of. Thank you!"

"Wonderful! They gave me something specific and tangible to work on each day. That such skilled and talented coaches delivered and MODELLED what they were sharing was outstanding."

"Craftsbury Outdoor Center. Where else could a beginner have his oars carried by a former US Olympic sculler?"

"The older I get the more I realize that life is about community and connection. I found both here. It's a very special place."

"You have proven that a 48-year-old with no previous sculling experience can acquire a solid foundation in 6 days. Thank you for a memorable and expanding week."

"My goal was to make it into a racing shell by my last day and I did it on my second day!"

"I learned so much about body mechanics, and how to use muscles and arms/back/legs effectively. What a difference that knowledge has made!"

“I was amazed to be offered support by such an array of coaches from around the U.S.  There were many, many decades of expertise represented. It pretty much blew my mind.”

“As someone completely new, I found that the week’s instruction, experience, and insights represented a journey well beyond my expectation or hope- it actually was a watershed week for me. I’m so glad, and so grateful!!”

“This is just a great place. I would still want to spend time here even if I felt I was a perfect sculler. It is so relaxing, the program makes sense, and everything feels so positive.”

“I cannot say enough good things about the coaching. It was fabulous. I feel honored to be coached by such high level coaches. I am very impressed with the training that is going on at Craftsbury. I will be spreading good words about this facility and the top level coaching.”

“Awesome! Everyone!!! Amazing staff- not only for their technical knowledge, but their enthusiasm, their respect, their willingness to help every one of us. Very respectful, friendly, competent. It was simply a pleasure to learn from them.”

 “The entire experience was lovely. Exceeded my expectations, which were quite high from all that I had heard. One aspect of the culture that was very impressive was the blending of generations and skill levels. As a first time ever sculler, I never felt belittled or that I was a nuisance.”

“Across the board the staff (coaching, kitchen, admin, etc.) provided an incredibly fluid and fun week that underpinned a serious treatment of the art of rowing. Thanks to all.”