Sculling Internship Program

The Craftsbury student internship is an educational opportunity for highly motivated high school and college students with an interest in working in an ideal setting, serving the sculling community, and increasing their own knowledge of the sport.

Program Overview 

The internship is based on a work/study exchange between the Craftsbury Outdoor Center and the named intern. Craftsbury provides an intern with housing, meals, and the opportunity to participate in selected portions of Craftsbury's sculling camps as arranged with the Fleet Manager and depending on workload.

In return, the intern is responsible for various tasks that help keep the sculling program running smoothy. The intern's most critical duties include working on the dock during program sessions to help campers carry their boats to and from the dock, launch, and return to the dock. Interns also assist the Fleet Manager by tying down boats daily, cleaning boats during and between camps, keeping the boathouse and waterfront generally tidy at all times, and other camp-related tasks. The scheduling of work hours will consider time for participation in selected sculling sessions, lectures, and the Head of the Hosmer.

An intern is a representative of Craftsbury Outdoor Center's staff and is expected to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner, be friendly and helpful to the Center's guests and fellow staff, and take advantage of opportunities to learn and scull as well as work. 

COC will employ two interns for each session of the camp season - roughly mid-May to the end of September. The majority of first-year internships are for a period of two weeks. A returning intern may apply to be a lead intern with a longer stay of up to six weeks. First-time internships are unpaid. Lead interns will receive a stipend of $100/week. Interns sometimes receive tips from guests for exceptional service. 

Time off for first-time interns is limited to select afternoons off. Lead interns may request one non-weekend afternoon per week off during weeks when a weekend program is scheduled by making arrangements with the Fleet Manager at the coach meeting prior to the week's camp. 

Interns under the age of 18 must follow the same camp rules as those published for campers under the age of 18 and are expected to set a good example for all. A copy of the "Teen Rules Sign-off and Activities Waiver" will be provided for your parents to sign prior to arrival. Any misconduct will be grounds for dismissal.

Application Requirements

  • Must be a high school or college student
  • Minimum age is 16 years old (under 18 requires parental permission)
  • Minimum rowing experience needed: two seasons at the high school level, two seasons at the club level, or one year collegiate experience
  • A stay of 2-6 weeks in duration
  • On-time, fully completed application (available at the link below)
  • Letter of recommendation from your coach or teacher
  • If under 18, letter of recommendation from a parent indicating knowledge and approval of application

How to Apply

Fill out the application found here in full and submit by February 1, 2019. 

Please have your recommenders email their letters directly to by February 1, 2019.

All materials, including recommendations, must be received by February 1, 2019. Internship places are limited, so early application is encouraged. Late applications will be kept on file, but are unlikely to be considered except in the event of a cancellation.

Fleet Manager Erika Sloan will email acceptance announcements beginning February 15, 2019. Note that we typically receive fifty or more applications for ten first-time internships, so if you are chosen, you were one in five, and if you are not chosen, you’re in good company with 80% of all applicants whom we could not accommodate this year.