Special Programs

Special Sculling Camp Programs

Our sculling camps have many facets and opportunities, from additional yoga emphasis, special discounts, to continuing education opportunities. Find more about them below.

Yoga & Sculling
Foliage & Sculling
Group Discounts, Private Groups and Facility Rental
Coaching Education
Coaching Track
Saplings Day Program
Skiing for Scullers

Yoga and Sculling

Yoga and sculling are natural companions. Both are fluid and dynamic, requiring good balance, focus and grace. Yoga practice can help the body recover from challenging sculling workouts and prevent overuse injuries. One's posture and flexibility often improve through yoga resulting in more compression, and thus, a longer stroke. Session schedule and more details.

Foliage and Sculling

Our sculling season closes with Foliage and Sculling sessions timed to coincide with the peak of Vermont's striking fall color. You'll still enjoy the excellent instruction, comfortable atmosphere, and delicious food that Craftsbury has become known for over 35 years. Session schedule and more details.

Sculling Group Discounts

Craftsbury offers a 10% discount for groups during non-peak sculling camp weeks. Six or more campers from the same school or rowing club constitute a group within our sculling camp. All group members must attend the same camp session. More details.

Private Groups and Facility Rental

Outside of our sculling programming, we rent our facilities to clubs, teams or other groups looking for a distraction free setting to kick off a season, put the finishing touches on race fitness, or build camaraderie. Whatever your plan, we can help with boats, water time, cross-training, ski opportunities, professional services (projectors and IT needs), lodging and even coaching - whatever your group needs. More details.

Coaching Education

If you are enrolled in the USRowing Coaching Educational Program you can earn continuing education credits by coming to a week or weekend camp at Craftsbury. More details.

Craftsbury's Coaching Education Track

An intensive educational program designed for coaches wanting to improve their skills. Gaining practical experience in the Coaching Education Track will develop your knowledge of the sculling stroke, boat dynamics, and teaching methods. The principles you learn teaching sculling can be directly transferred to sweep rowing technique as well. More details.

Saplings Day Program

Want to come to camp, but uncertain how to make it work with your family commitments? Our sister organization, Hosmer Point, will again offer nine weeklong sessions of day camp for 5 to 11 year olds at the Hosmer Point campus More details.

Skiing for Scullers

We're hosting a "Skiing for Scullers" weekend, December 6-9th. Craftsbury in winter is just as spectacular as Craftsbury in summer, with the focus shifted to Nordic skiing. More Details.