Coaching Track

Craftsbury's Coaching Education Track

Craftsbury's Coaching Education Track is an intensive educational program designed for coaches wanting to improve their skills. Gaining practical experience in the Coaching Education Track will develop your knowledge of the sculling stroke, boat dynamics, and teaching methods. With better observational skills you will become more efficient at identifying and prioritizing technical flaws, formulating corrections, and applying drills to reinforce new movement patterns. The principles you learn teaching sculling can be directly transferred to sweep rowing technique as well.

Our concentrated instructional setting offers you every opportunity to be immersed in sculling as you study with our team of outstanding coaches. During the camp session you will be mentored by one of our senior coaches. You will also spend time alongside the rest of our experienced staff in launches during on-water sessions, attend dockside presentations about technical elements of the stroke, view extensive video analysis of the scullers in the program, as well as have time to work on your own technique in the single. During meals and evening campfires scullers and coaches alike enjoy lively discussions and rowing stories. The setting at Craftsbury is relaxed so you also have time to bounce ideas off of our coaches as you put together plans for your own coaching.

Program Details:

  • Craftsbury's Coaching Education Track is open to those who are currently coaching, as well as, those who desire to coach but do not yet have concrete experience.
  • Participants should be 21 years of age or older.
  • Coaching Education Track positions are limited to two (2) per camp session.
  • Approximate study hour total for the weeklong program is 40 hours, 25 hours for the 4-day weekends, and 18 hours for the weekends.
  • Program price includes all meals, lodging, instruction, boat use, and use of the Craftsbury Center facilities.
  • Continuing education credits are available from USRowing.
  • Successful completion of a Craftsbury Coaching Education Track is a valuable addition to your coaching resume.


A Sample Day in the Coaching Education Track:

7-9 am: Dockside presentation on an element of the stroke or training. Accompany the senior coach in the launch during an individual coaching session.
9-10 am: Breakfast
10-11 am: Video analysis of the attending scullers
11-1 pm: Accompany a coach in the launch for sculling drills or speed work done in groups.
1-2 pm: Lunch
2-4 pm: Electives: rest time, meet with your mentor coach, trip to Concept 2, hiking, swimming, or mountain biking.
4:30-6 pm: Sculling time in the single or accompany a coach in the launch during the free row session.
6-7 pm: Rigging demonstration at the boathouse
7-8 pm: Dinner
8-9 pm: Video presentation, training talk, etc.


To Enroll in Craftsbury's Coaching Education Track:

  • Contact us by email at Indicate the program date(s) when you would like to study. You may attend more than one program; for example, you could combine a week-long and a weekend program. Sculling Camp Schedule and tuition.
  • We will review with you the availability of Coaching Education Track positions for the programs you have requested. You will also receive a questionnaire regarding your rowing/sculling/coaching experience and your goals while attending Craftsbury.
  • Once your program dates are set, your Coaching Education Track position will be reserved for two (2) weeks allowing you to time to register and complete your questionnaire. Your questionnaire requires your Craftsbury Reservation Number and must be returned by email to guarantee your Coaching Education Track position. You may register online or by calling 802.586.7767. 

After receipt of your questionnaire with your Craftsbury Reservation Number, you will receive a confirmation of your enrollment in Craftsbury's Coaching Education Track and other relevant program information.