Skiing for Scullers

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We're hosting a "Skiing for Scullers" weekend this December 6-9th. Craftsbury in winter is just as spectacular as Craftsbury in summer, with the focus shifted to Nordic skiing. Following the same formula you know from sculling camps, we'll teach you how to ski (or how to improve your skiing) and how skiing will benefit your sculling next summer. Drills, video, training talks, a low student-to-coach ratio, our usual delicious food, and more will fill your weekend as you learn from our sculling staff who have become proficient skiers, as well as our full-time skiing staff.

The program is geared toward beginning/intermediate skiers who would like to make Nordic skiing a viable cross-training option, with a focus on skate technique. Familiarity with some form of skiing or skating winter sports is a prerequisite, but vast Nordic-specific experience is not.

Questions? Email sculling director Troy Howell. Registration will be via phone.