Biathlon and Range Use

Biathlon at the COC

The Outdoor Center has a growing biathlon scene that offers biathletes of all ages an opportunity to experience the sport.The COC is home to the Green Racing Project Biathlon team, which has developed four Olympians and several others who compete at the top levels of the sport. Participants in our junior program learn to shoot as part of regular practice and there are additional practices offered for kids that express special interest in biathlon. Additionally, lessons are available for community members and guests who want to try out biathlon. 


Lessons are available for all abilities for ages 10 and up with our biathlon coaches Sam Dougherty and Ethan Dreissigacker. Lessons are approximately one hour long and can be done on skis or on foot. They include an introduction to the sport of biathlon, rifle safety, and live fire shooting. These can be scheduled by emailing, calling the Office at 802.586.7767, or stopping by the Touring Center. Lessons are contingent on coach availability. 

Private Lesson for one person: $45
Private Lesson for two people: $60
Private Lesson for three to eight: $75 (with $10 per each additional person) 

General Range Rules

The range is open for use by individuals outside of our programs but the following rules apply:

1. All users must have a trail pass (or membership) and prior approval to shoot from COC biathlon Staff. Minimum 24 hours notice must be given before using the range. 

2. Athletes under the age of 18 must be supervised by a COC-approved coach at all times.

3. Always keep rifle pointed in a safe direction.

4. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

5. Always keep rifle unloaded until read to use. 

6. Contact to schedule range time and/or biathlon lessons.