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Nordic Trailsystem Map


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Touring Center Inset


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Homologated Race Courses

In summer of 2010, Craftsbury began the process of getting several race courses homologated - a process of laying out and measuring a trail to confirm that it meet the requirements of FIS. After lots of work by the GRP, groomers and other teams here at the Center, we presently have four homologated course options for FIS racing, mapped below.

Want to get a preview of the courses? Each of the following is permanently signed in a unique color (noted on the map). This way, no matter when you or your team ski at Craftsbury you can easily preview the trails you'll be racing on.

North 5k Race Course

north5k jan4 

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South 5k Race Course 

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3.75k Race Course

homol3.75k jan4

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2.5k Race Course

homol2.5k april12forweb

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1.5k Sprint Course

2019Sprint reverse 01

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Greensboro Trails Map


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Snowshoe/Fatbike Trails Map