Last Update: 30 Nov 2016 @7:37

2016 NENSA Eastern Cup Openers at Craftsbury

We're thrilled to be hosting another NENSA Eastern Cup this December 17-18, 2016.

Format:  For the opening Eastern Cup, Craftsbury is bringing back a classic race format, the two-day pursuit. Saturday will be a standard interval start classic race, while Sunday will be a pursuit start. On Sunday the top 80 racers in the men’s and women’s open classes (U18 and up), along with the top 30 racers in the boys’  and girls’ U16 classes, will be started based on their time back from the respective winners of Saturday’s classic individual start. After 80 racers are pursuit started, the rest of the field will be started in waves of 5 racers at 30 second intervals. Sunday’s winners will be the first racer across the line in each category. Sunday’s races will, however, be scored by USSA by time-on-day result (as if the race were an individual start skate) for the purposes of JNs qualifying. This is done in an effort to make sure JNs qualifiers get two individual start races on the weekend.

Racers should plan on racing BOTH days, as this is a two-day pursuit style race. If you only want to race one day - pick Saturday. NO one-day only Sunday racers will be allowed, as the Sunday interval starts are based on your time back from Saturday races.

Registration:  SkiReg.com. All racers MUST be NENSA & USSA members to race in any of the EC races this season - read more in this news item (from last year, but still relevant).

Race information:  NENSA publishes all race-related information for Eastern Cups at their website. We'll post some basics here, but ultimately, their site must be considered authoritative for ease of communication if nothing else.

-the folks at Craftsbury