Volunteering at Craftsbury

Race Volunteer Opportunities

Over the years the Craftsbury Outdoor Center has been the grateful recipient of many volunteers' donated time, energy and skills. We are pleased to announce exciting new opportunities to be a part of the action this winter. We have a niche for almost everyone, regardless of your interest or age, and the vast majority of these opportunities do NOT require you to be a skier - only to be a friendly, generous representative of the NEK!

Volunteering at the Marathon

The Craftsbury Marathon is our largest one-day event and offers a special fund-raising opportunity for volunteers and non-profit organizations. Individual volunteers get lunch and an entry in our year-end Volunteer Raffle Drawing, plus $5 for each volunteer hour you put in will go towards a donation to one of this year's selected charities:

While the Marathon is a well-known focal point of the Outdoor Center, we also host a number of regional and national caliber events that require as much or more volunteer participation as the Marathon. We'd love if you'd consider joining us for one of our events. Whether you perform a duty you're familiar with or tackle a new project, you're bound to have a fun experience. Some of the niceties you can expect for your help include a free lunch or refreshments on that race day and an entry into our end of season Volunteer Raffle Drawing. Email us to find out more or sign up!