Last Update: 7 Nov 2017 @17:17

Entry Restrictions

Competitors aged 21 or older belong to each class from the beginning of the calendar year in which they reach the given age. They are entitled to compete in younger classes down to and including 21.

World Cup (M/W 21)

Participation restrictions according to IOF World Cup rules: In each competition each federation may enter a maximum of 6 men and 6 women per country for individual races, and a maximum of 3 teams for the mixed sprint relay.


World Masters (M/W 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90)

Open to anyone over the age of 35. Medals are awarded in long distance and in middle distance events (two sets of medals). 

Long distance: Single race event with random start order. 

Middle distance: The result is based on the sum of the times of two middle distance races. The start order for the first event will be drawn at random; start order for the second race will be the reverse of the first race start list.

Open Classes

Open classes for juniors, and non world cup M/W 21 competitors will be available.


Entry Fees

All entries via IOF Eventor: 
World Masters 
World Masters Relay


All competitors will be required to sign the Orienteering USA liability release at event check-in.


World Cup
Individual Races



Mixed Sprint Relay



Team Officials



Team official accreditation fee covers all races at the event, and includes printed start lists and results, maps at the conclusion of the event, and admittance to the team leaders meetings and coaching areas.  

Media accreditation covers fee all races at the event, and includes printed start lists and results, maps at the conclusion of the event, and admittance to designated media zones.

 Teams must enter their number of athletes by Jan 31st.  Names of athletes are due Feb 28th.  After Jan 31st additional athlete entries will be charged the late fees (+20%).


World Masters
(Before Dec 1st 2017)
(Dec 1st - Jan 31st)
(Feb 1-28 2018)
2 Middles + Long




Open Sprint Relay
(Mixed, Mens, or Womens teams)
Entry fee is per team.



$70 (Until March 9th)

Wax Trailers

Mobile trailers are being brought on site for team and group waxing facilities.  2.4m x 6m, and 3m x 12m spaces are available, with heat, ventilation, and power.  Waxing trailer reservations are due by Sept 18th, 2017.  Contact the event organizers for details on costs.  Reserved trailers will be the only indoor waxing spaces available.  Additional power plugs are available outside at designated locations. 

All waxing facilities are equipped with 110V power only.  No 220V power is available.