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Ski Orienteering World Cup and World Masters Championship

March 5-10, 2018
Craftsbury, Vermont, USA


The Town of Craftsbury, the Craftsbury Outdoor Center (COC), and the organizing committee  invite you to attend the March 2018 week of ski-orienteering races. This area of Vermont is known for its welcoming and friendly people, farm-fresh food, and abundance of snow in the winter. We are excited to host this event in our special part of Vermont and the United States of America. 

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is a non-profit organization with a mission that focuses on sport, sustainability, and stewardship. The COC runs Olympic Development programs in Rowing, Nordic Skiing and Biathlon.  The COC has gained a reputation for hosting top-quality ski races at the national level.  

Craftsbury hasa long history of ski orienteering, and members of our staff have been medal winners in past Ski WOC events. In the last 9 years, Craftsbury athletes have competed around the world in Junior, Master, and Senior World Championships, and before that, the COC has held U.S.Ski Orienteering Championship Events since the 1980s. This week of competitions is one way to say thank you to all the people, organizations, and countries that have hosted ski orienteering events before us.

– Judy Geer, Craftsbury Outdoor Center