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Videos from Evan Scales

scales blogWant to relive some of the summer of 2014? Craftsbury Runner Evan Scales shared two cool edits with us, one of Masters week, the other more general. Find them both on YouTube:

Masters 2014
Craftsbury 2014 Scenes

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Going The Distance – Craftsbury Couples

The last couple of years we’ve had all sorts of family combinations at running camp:  father/son, mother/daughter, sister/brother. This was the summer of the Craftsbury Couple: spouses who love running and who came to camp together.

Meet Mary and Art, Matt and Kasia, Michael and Susan and Caitlin and Kristofer.  Susan and Michael are multi-returners from MI. Michael is a doctor and Susan is a physical therapist and coming to Craftsbury gives them a chance to kick back and enjoy the camaraderie of the week.  The other three couples, hailing from CT, IL, and WI came to Craftsbury unsure of what to expect and they left with 2015 registrations in hand. Art let us know that his week at Craftsbury was his first formal training in his 45 year running career. Matt came to us having lost over 100 pounds and taking up running in order to run with Kasia who is a new runner. Caitlin is a cyclist/runner who wanted to share running with Kristofer. For these four couples, running is a way to enjoy time and experiences out in the world together.

Art and Mary at all comers week

These two never missed an opportunity to leap into Big Hosmer – in this case after the Ridge Run

Kasia and Matt came on the recommendation of their friend, Craftsbury Wall of Famer Ed Sell

New runners, Matt and Kasia stretch before the hill workout

Caitlin and Kristofer entertained us with tales of frigid winter runs in Wisconsin

Caitlin and Kristofer with Kim on their last morning at running camp

Michael and Susan with our sports nutritionist Chrissy.

Michael and Susan on the last day of camp with Coach Lynn. It’s always hard to say goodbye.


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Summer of Stretching

This was Stretching Summer at the running camps. Realizing this quotidian task was being neglected made the coaching staff vow to make the runners stretch and stretch some more. The runners stretched: every runner (including coaches), before and after every workout, every day during each week of camp. All. The. Time.

Teens Sam and Rachel work on eagle pose

Coach Pierre captures eagle pose

Coach Melissa partners with Eilidh during high school week

Bryce concentrates on getting it right

Masters stretch at the Common

Masters stretch after the track workout

Phoebe gets it done during all comers week

Coach Laurie and Willie lean on each other

Mary and Kim stretch their calfs during all comers week

Mike bends to the task

Claudia and Kim prove even stretching can be fun with a friend

Stretching in a beautiful place equals enjoyment at running camp


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All Comers Synergy, Part 2

More highlights from All Comers week:

The sunlit veranda was the perfect place to gather for our group photo

The coaching staff: Donna, Brett, Pete, Bobby, Lynn and Laurie

Suzanne stretches before the workout on the Common

Jen and Kasia warm up before they run fast

Coach Brett flies around the Common

Art keeps moving during the fartlek workout

Grassy feet after the barefoot Common warm down

Coaches Pete and Laurie keep the tent from flying away during an idyllic beer, wine and cider social

Mike, Ed and Matt chat it up

Kim, Willie and Mike are strong friends

Matt was suprised by a hand-made birthday cake. With wife Kasia’s specs in hand, local junior athlete Ani created a beauty with fresh strawberries on top

Mike and Coach Pete roll past on the Ridge Run

Coach Laurie, Mike, Willie and Fred finish the Ridge Run in style

Thank you all comers runners – we had a terrific week. The summer’s running camps are over. See you in September for the two autumn Foliage and Running weekends!





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All Comers Synergy, Part 1

Rachel, Mike and Frank strike the Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and Meb Keflezighi stances

All comers week – it’s the last summer running camp and it attracted runners spanning from 18 – 66 years-old. With running as a common bond and with their variety of life experiences the runners once again created a synergistic, energetic and hugely fun week. Eleven brand new to Craftsbury faces mixed in with the multi-year returners brought high energy and interest with plenty of laughter all week long. With 22 runners, all comers week has grown!

It was misty and foggy during our hill workout,  a gorgeous day for the negative splitting track workout plus relay, blue skies for Endurathon Day, and a crisp sunny morning for the fartlek/tempo session on the Common. It was a week to remember.

Art, Mike, Rachel and Coach Bobby head to the final hill of the morning workout: the Matterhorn

Caitlin is a cyclist/runner who came to camp unsure of her skills. She demonstrated her hill mastery on the Matterhorn

A rower, Jeff came to Craftsbury to learn more about running so he could match strides with his long time runner Dad

Wall of Famer Ed stays another week after masters week – lucky runner!

Mary is concentrating hard during the repeat 800′s

Friends Mike and Carol share the pacing duties during an 800

Willie is a city guy who loves Queen Anne’s lace flowers and the cows on Creek Road. He endures the fast stuff on the track

Suzanne comes to Craftsbury to get reinvigorated for the long cold Canadian winters – she’s a tough runner

Rachel and Frank pushed and pulled each other on every single interval – they were fast!

Mike showed his strength. He is recovering from an injury and was happy to push his fitness forward this week

Claudia hands off to Matt in the 4 X 400 relay

Phoebe zipped her 400 leg – she’s getting ready for the Hartford marathon

Art gives the stick to Bobby who is ready to fly


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Mastering Craftsbury

We paused briefly in Irasburg on Endurathon Day

Every July a group of hardy runners comes together for a week. For Nedim and Dave the week was a brand new experience. For Jules, Laura, Michael, Bill, Elaine, Richard, Ted, Lawton and all the others the trip to Craftsbury is an annual migration. It’s one they dream about and look forward to during the intervening months. It’s a week to reconnect, to revel in the common bond of being long-time runners and to have a whole lot of fun while being coached by a staff that understands the trials of miles.

This is masters week:

Laura and Jill greet this year’s iteration of the Creek Road garden scarecrow

Michael smiles after biking, hiking and before running 6 miles to Westmore Beach – he’s a veteran of 12 Endurathon Days!

Dave is a track man from way back and he circled the oval with finesse

Jill is on the comeback trail after an injury – her form looks as good as ever

Feisty on the track, 82 year-old Jules rips off an 800 like it’s nothing

At 13.5 years old, Towhee is part of the masters gang. Now retired from running, she rests and takes it all in at the track

Warming up for the fartlek and tempo session on Craftsbury Common, a most idyllic place to run fast

Richard concentrates during the tempo run on the Common

Michael and Susan chat it up with our sports nutritionist Chrissy during our evening social

The Ridge Run mists were legion and Ted was in the middle of it all

Elaine and Laura on King Farm Hill with a few miles left to go on the Ridge Run

This year’s Ridge Run shirts designed by Hannah Dreissigacker were hugely popular. Thanks Han!

Thank you for a terrific week, see you in 2015, Masters!

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Craftsbury in the Southern Hemisphere

DSC_7155Our globetrotting endless winter members the Massey-Biermans are getting some early (or maybe it’s late?) season k’s in on snow in Argentina. From Paul -

“Craftsbury well represented in 4 km girls pursuit race yesterday – run on the FIS sprint course where they cancelled the races for the weekend when there was no snow.

Post race dinner for the kids (and parents) involved boxes of empanadas and piles of cake and ice cream. Podium was stairs of local coach (and former Argentina Nordic Olympian, Sebastian, who is in blue jacket) and prizes were local chocolate.

They sure know how to have fun down here!”

Looks like!

DSC_6804 DSC_6842 DSC_6772 DSC_6741


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Craftsbury on

runblogger-shareBeen great having author Pete Larson with us this week and last for Running Camp. He’s shared a bit of what he’s been up to on his site.

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Paw-Paddle Adventure Race and The Ridge Run

Three legged teams race to the Duck Blind to get an egg and continue up the Duck Blind hill

Next it’s up and over our wood chip pile while carrying one of their teammates

Friday afternoon traffic jam on Lost Nation Road

The mud puddle was smaller this week so the runners crawled through rather than run

Is there a traffic pattern here?

Silly Paw-Paddlers!

Matthew and Nevin were in perfect harmony for the entire 10 mile Ridge Run

Coach Rachel and Sam were happy runners

Charlotte, Anneka and Henry were a companionable trio

Samuel was working on his pacing this week and he did a great job on the Ridge Run

Parents were arriving – camp was over so fast!

Take 24 eager and avid runners, add mud, a wood chip pile and a race on the water. Sprinkle in some old fashioned foot speed and you have the Paw-Paddle Adventure Race.  The runners had to do some three legged running and some leap frogging for good measure.

The week ends, as all our running camp weeks do, with the Ridge Run. The morning dawned with crisp cool air and the gorgeous mists hanging over the valley never disappoint. Coach Sarah, running the Ridge Run for the first time called out, “This run is insanely beautiful!”

On that happy note – thank you to every single high school runner who attended these last two weeks. With three weeks next year, 2015 promises to be even better!

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Cross Country Week 2, Part 2

Another incredible Pisgah hike

Sophia smiles her way to the beach finish line after the hike

Coaches Laurie and Rachel think they are in ice cream eating camp – 7 flavors in one bowl!

Myla created some Craftsbury graffiti at the Willoughby Lake Store where we got our ice cream

The day after Endurathon Day – lotsa stuff to do

Charlotte and Hannah work together during the fartlek session on the Common

Avery and Henry in full flight

Samuel and Myla push and pull together during the tempo run

The Common’s pristine grass is perfect for a barefoot warm down

Myla and Katherine play in the Black River after the Common workout

There’s no better way to celebrate completing a tough workout

Watching 24 high school runners give all they’ve got every day is inspiring stuff. We reward them with ice cream and Black River play time along with lectures about exercise physiology and how to create a training plan for the rest of their summer. They also get a chance to grill their coaches during the Stump the Chumps session – the young runners are fearless when it comes to pushing their coaches hard! Another highlight of this week’s camp: talented artist Wyatt asked if he could take over doing the white board in the Lounge each day. We were treated to amazing art and graphics every day. Thanks Wyatt!

There will be 3 high school cross country camps next summer – come join the fun. See you next year!




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