Eastward, Ho!

Towhee is a capable co-pilot

If I were a songbird migrating to my spring/summer home grounds, I’d already be tardy to the party. I’d be late to establish my territory, find a mate and build a nest. Luckily and happily, all I have to do is make it to Lost Nation Road and my territory, friends and nest are all there for me to find again. Yes, it’s time for me to close up my house in northwest Portland, load up Towhee and a few bags of clothes and drive 3500 miles to my home at Craftsbury.

One of the funniest parts of my cross country trips has been entertaining the curiosities of strangers as they try to guess what the thing on top of my car is. The conversations all open: “What is that?”, followed immediately by the guessing game when I ask them what they think it is. Common guesses: a mast, a canoe, a sailboard, a dragon boat (answer:  my Hudson 1x). The only correct answer came from an unlikely looking guesser – an air conditioning guy at a gas station in ND. Turned out he used to row in college.

I’m getting antsy to get on the water, run the trails, yuk it up with Pepa and settle into my Craftsbury way of life. The running camps are beckoning and so is the open road.  See you there soon!

Everything a girl needs to travel cross country

My cozy nest is waiting



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