Hardwick Spring Festival 5k

An assortment of Craftsbury members young and old tackled the S&J Fitness 5k held as part of the Hardwick Spring Festival. The event is unique in that participants must guess their time prior to racing. No timepieces are allowed during the event, and the winner is the runner whose race time is closest to his predicted finish.

After the Craftsbury runners biked from the Common to Hardwick, they contested the run – sort of a duathlon. Nils and Dylan went 1-2 in finish order, but their predictions were not enough to take the win – a surprisingly accurate guess, only off by 4 seconds, sealed the win for Calais resident Matt Loignon, a sophomore to be at Hartwick College. In the kids 1k, Craftsbury’s Finn Sweet broke the tape for the win. Congrats to all who participated!

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