Masters on the Move

Richard and his giant wrap sandwich

Fresh athletes, packed bags, bikes at the ready. Let Endurathon Day begin!

Evan, Ted and Laura enjoy the perfect running weather

Runners are still smiling after biking, hiking, running and swimming


Monika and Brian punch their map at the Duck Blind control

Laura, MaryJane, David and Richard show how its done with map and compass

Evan, Chris and Elaine enjoying ice cream in Barton

Spectacular July sun and breezes meant Wednesday’s Endurathon Day was a success with runners smiling all day long. Thursday’s drizzle meant it was time to give our permanent orienteering course a go with teams dashing about trying to nail all the controls on their maps.  Masters runners are a hardy lot and there’s still plenty ahead on the schedule.  No rest for the weary !

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