The not-so-Small Boat Training Center?

It’s hard to believe, but the Small Boats Training Center athletes are actually just about done with their stay here at Craftsbury. For the majority of the rowers on campus, Canadian Henley (beginning Sunday in St. Catherine’s, Ontario) will be the end of their time with us. It’s been a real treat to have the group with us again, hopefully they can say the same.

But enough with the wistfulness, there’s racing a foot! In addition to marking the end of the competitive summer season in North America, Canadian Henley is also a time when many teams juggle lineups, play with new boats and crews, and explore other facets of the sport. It’s no different for the SBTC rowers. In addition to their more familiar events (pairs, doubles, singles), the SBTC has put together several larger crews, including a light men’s straight four (LM4-) and a women’s quad (W4x).

The vast majority of boat traffic on Big Hosmer Pond is singles, with the occasion pair or double, so it’s pretty cool to see when the big boats start flying around the lake. Coach Troy Howell, took the camera with him during a coaching session a week or two ago and shared these pictures with us. Enjoy them, and be sure to follow racing at Henley starting this Sunday. Good luck rowers!

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