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FGCU Philosopher Runners

For the second year, Florida Gulf Coast University professor Dr. Sean Kelly brought his honors philosophy class to Craftsbury. ┬áHis semester-long class “Intentional Living” explored the connections between philosophy and running and culminated here at the Center. The philosopher runners came to Craftsbury prepared to plunge into a week of running, sculling, orienteering, summer biathlon, hiking and biking. They’ve done it all in high-spirited style all week.

Smiling after their first sculling lesson

Aby passes the baton to Jason during the 4 X 400 relay

Aby passes the baton to Jason during the 4 X 400 relay

With radios and first aid packs, coaches Lisa and Melissa are ready for anything!

"It was like biking through a postcard," the runners kept saying

Gina finishes the run from Mt. Pisgah to Lake Willoughby

Frigid Willoughby felt good on tired feet

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