Perfect Sun

These last couple of days we have had the best weather!  We have been basking in blue bird days filled with golden sun. These days, the lake is absolutely placid and perfect at all hours and the time spent on the water is the most enjoyable.  Each morning we get up, eat some breakfast (my favorite is toast with peanut butter and bananas), pre-row on the erg or a quick weight circuit, and then walk down to the lake to launch our boats.  Since the weather is so nice after our rows we compete for who can get the best splash or trick as they launch themselves into the lake.  It is a perfect soak after a long row – almost like an ice bath because the water is about 56 degrees…okay its 70, but feels brisk we’re all so hot and sweaty.
Rowing is full of these precious moments that are perfect and so brief in time, but when you get sucked into the beauty of it all, they can seem to last a lifetime.  Recently after my post-row swims, sitting in the Adirondack chairs on the grass right off the dock,  I’ve gotten lost in these moments until I feel like I am going to burst with gratitude and awe from all the beauty.

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