Autumn Leaves, Sunshine and Running

Scott, Lynn and Laurie leaped into Hosmer

The final running camp of 2013 had blue skies, warm late September sunshine and leaves too beautiful to describe. Eleven runners, ten of them brand new to Craftsbury got a chance to jump into Hosmer, run hills at dawn in the morning mist, hike Mt. Pisgah and hone their running knowledge. Sunday morning’s Ridge Run 10 miler was breathtaking with pools of mist in the valley resembling lakes and rosy leaves as a backdrop. Without cameras, we were left to absorb each mile and commit it to memory. It was a fitting and poignant end to the season. Over 100 runners ran the Ridge Run this summer and their echoing footsteps resounded. Thank you for a wonderful summer. See you all in 2014!

Scott and Jeff lead the pack down Lost Nation Road

Laurie, Bridget, Kathy and Laura run as a pack, Ken keeps them company on his bike

Scott chases the sun uphill

Runners were here!

Last Pisgah climb of 2013

Norm’s wife gave running camp as a gift to Norm and sons Jeff and Barry

From both England and Manhattan, Paul loved Vermont

Dottie and Laura were fast friends

Wine and cheese and beer and sunshine

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