Checkpoint Challenge Scenes

Oktoberfest weekend action ended with the exciting and unpredictable Checkpoint Challenge. I blasted around the trails on my bike trying to capture some of the action at various checkpoints. I regret not getting to the “catch a chicken and get an egg” station but I was still recovering from laughing at GRP sculler Steve Whelpley trying to run in soaking wet cut-offs while carrying his hatchet.

Congratulations to the Craftsbury Crazies – that’s the team to beat next year!

Catilin and Hannah give instructions and hand out maps to the teams

Craftsbury Crazies Hugh, Jon, Eric and Keith plot their winning strategy

Callie, Claire Jack, Avery and Ani get ready to ride roughshod over the adult teams

Jacob, Xav, Patrick and Anders confer over their map

GRP scullers Jamie, Maggie, Kyle and Phil figure it out

A swim in the Frog Pond? You betcha

Charlie’s willingness to swim knows no bounds

Skipping rope with plant material?

GRP sculler Josh is up to the task and then some

Running almost 8 kilometers in soaking wet cut-offs while carrying a hatchet is hard work but Steve pulled it off

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