A Sunny Sunday

Today we had perfect weather for our annual Demo Day. With our trails once again packed with an international crowd of skiers and biathletes from the US and Canada, I think we can safely say that Craftsbury is becoming quite the cosmopolitan destination!

Zach and Amy Caldwell, from Caldwell Sport, brought an extensive fleet of skis and waxes for people to test trailside. When I stopped in, I found Ida Sargent’s parents, Dave & Lindy, who were excited about their daughter’s 12th place finish as member of the American B team in today’s 4x5k World Cup relay, of which Zach Caldwell’s 2nd cousin, Sophie Caldwell, was also part. (Whew, did you follow that?)
DSCN4073I also found these two Craftsbury Nordic club standouts, enjoying a Sunday ski together and showing us what it means to be best buddies and rivals!


Allen & Cormac


Cormac & Allen


Just in case our junior boys hadn’t had enough exercise this weekend (…they had!) they decided to break out the ice skates!

Tara Geraghty-Moats (Fairlee, VT) will join the GRP biathletes in MN next week for IBU Cup trials.

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