Recycled Range: cleaning up after biathlon

Big brass buckets.

Big brass buckets.

From coach Miro:
During the past season there was a lot of shooting on both of the ranges, summer at Elinor’s and winter at the lower field. Last week, the SBTC and GRP athletes, along with myself collected 70 lbs. of brass bullet casings left from all that practice. In terms of a count, that’s around 10.000 empty brass 0.22 LR casings that we use in biathlon.


Hi-ho, off to work the SBTC goes!

Unfortunately, I don’t know all the names of SBTC crew, but Andrew Reed was coordinating them last week and also helping in front of GRP rowing team.
Mike, Ethan and Susan represented the GRP biathletes collecting casings at Elinor’s and later celebrated with shooting some sporting clays and biathlon targets with small bore rifle.


Live rounds found from scouring the ranges.

Beyond our cleaning, we found 30 live rounds on both the ranges, so we not only cleaned the range we also helped maintain its safety level, shooting good rounds and dismantling suspicious ones.


Like an easter egg hunt for brass.

As part of the clean up, I also collected some copper pipes and cables from behind the the Norm Graf Dance Hall and took it all to All-Metals near Hardwick for recycling. Beyond cleaner, safer areas, we netted a tidy sum for our efforts – almost a grand! It was quite a reward for all that work and now we can re-invest that in making COC more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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2 Responses to Recycled Range: cleaning up after biathlon

  1. Annelies McVoy says:

    Thank you SO much for doing this fussy work! This reminds me of how we used to form the Itty Bitty Pick-Up Committee with the kids when we were at playgrounds, picking up other people’s trash, including cigarette butts (yuck!) to leave it nicer than we found it.
    Suggestions: What if instead of wood chips, you laid down big sheets of landscape fabric? Then a light pass with a rake might clear away leaves and reveal the casings/rounds so you could just sweep them up?

    • Sheldon says:

      Landscape fabric: that may be something to try! I’ll pass along to the biathlon team. Thanks for the suggestion!

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