High School XC — Fast Start to Summer

Alex’s shirt captures the essence of not only the week but herself.

Summer running camps began with a flourish when sixteen dedicated and fleet young harriers showed up for the first of the three high school cross country camps. We had two brothers from Chicago who brought two more friends, four returning athletes, a bunch of swift Vermonters, a parade of new faces and a girl named Moxie. Endurathon Day was full of sunshine, Kasie Enman gave a motivating talk and the teens seemed to get faster as the week went on. It all passed in a flash and before we knew it we were out on Creek Road, cruising through the Ridge Run on a sparkly, bright and crisp morning.

Samuel, Billy and Rena are a tough pack on hill running day

Evan came from Chicago with his big brother Jake and he kept us laughing all week with his deadpan humor

In Irasburg on Endurathon Day, Coach Desiree calls out Coach Sarah who was definitely raised by wolves

Isabel and Moxie are the grittiest runners ever to attend xc camp. Isabel’s running career began this week and Moxie, befitting her name, never ever gave up on anything.

Jaylin and Coach Laurie revel with ice cream on Endurathon Day. Is that Marika photobombing?

Coach Wilson created oatmeal masterpieces each morning at breakfast

Eve, Billy, Myla and Ethan zip through high knees drills on the Common

Focused and concentrated, Jake nails down the fartlek session

Eve and Jaylin keep the gas pedal pressed down during the hot and sunny fartlek work

Coach Sarah keeps Nathan and Rena on the chase during the fartlek workout

Myla and Billy brought verve and speed to Craftsbury

Barefoot warm downs on the Common are the best!

Coach Wilson recaps the session before we went to the Black River to play

Coach Desiree gets the runners organized for some body work on the AC deck

We told the young runners that wall squats would help to hold up the AC walls — they believed us!

Myla, Billy, Jaylin, Marika and Rena gave us beautiful artwork all week

Marika and Coach Desiree shared the Ridge Run

Billy and Nathan share the solitude of Creek Road

Georgetown University’s Sarah and Stephen rocked it all week with the teens and again on the Ridge Run

Moxie and Isabel make their way home.

Jake demonstrated diligence, patience and execution with these perfectly toasted beauties.

On our last evening, Marika, Myla and Jaylin had our full attention as they sang a cappella for us

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