All Comers Do It All

Matt exults in a perfect Ridge Run morning

In case I got confused, Suzanne labeled her banana for me

All comers week started four years ago as an overflow camp for those who didn’t register in time for masters week. The week no longer plays second fiddle to masters week. It has its own vibe and it’s loaded with folks who are passionate about their running and looking for a vibrant week. With sixteen returners and nine new faces, the week was a blast of fun, speed and laughs. With an age span from Phoebe at 19 to folks in their 60’s, all comers week is something special.

This week ends the summer camp season. See you next year when there will again be three high school cross country camps, a second all comers week and a beginning runners weekend on the schedule. Thank you runners for a successful and memorable 2015!

Lizann and Emily, mother and daughter, came to camp together. Lizann is a brand new runner

This was Phoebe’s third year at Craftsbury and she’s really nailing her running these days. She ran 82 miles during the week

Jane and Sarah were first timers this year and enjoyed the whole week

Inducted into the Wall of Fame this week, Claudia works her relay leg

Mike came to camp healthy and raring to go this year

All runners were asked to remove their technology for the negative splitting grassy interval workout. Mike guards the goods

First timers Emily, Heather and Jane were speedy and sparky

    A rower turned runner last year at camp, Jeff returned this year with a real spring in his step.

A rower turned runner last year at camp, Jeff returned this year with a real spring in his step.

Emily and Jane flew around the Common during the fartlek and tempo session

Fred puts down the hammer on his relay leg

We had 6 relay teams going and Caleb formed his own team running 5:07 for the mile. He had to use a pasta spoon since we didn’t have enough batons

The gang warms up before the Common workout

Local athlete Ani again made Matt a special birthday cake

Social on the veranda, what a super idea. Thanks scullers!

Coach Barry exemplifies the long standing joke of “full service running camp”

Saturday morning comes all too quickly – our last meal together


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