Runner of the Summer: Fred

Every summer amidst the stream of runners who come to Craftsbury and  dive into all that encompasses running camp, there is always one who makes me ponder the most what it is to be a runner. There’s something about this person’s ferocious drive to give what they’ve got to the pursuit of being a true blue runner. It’s more than that, though. This runner embodies grit, resilience, pluck and effort coupled with a love that is pure.

Admittedly, I have a special place in my heart for the runner who lives and breathes the most primal running discipline: cross country.  2015’s Runner of the Summer is Fred. Another of Fred’s most appealing qualities is that the man knows how to laugh and have a good time even when contemplating the beast of all races, a 10k cross country outing. Fred gives it all when he’s working hard so much so that his classic “working hard” face yielded this memorable quote by one of our best coaches, Mike, “Fred, you look like hell but keep going anyway!” Here’s to you, Fred and to another year at Craftsbury!

A devotee of craft beer, Fred loves the social aspect of running camp

Coach Brett teases Fred about his lack of bendy-ness

Fred leading the pack during strides on a misty Common morning

Flat on the grass with Matt after a hot and sunny Endurathon Day biking, hiking, running and biking

Coach Jess demonstrates her core work mastery while Fred wonders if he can measure up

A woman magnet, Fred shows his best face. Thanks for the laughs, Fred!


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