Foliage and Running – Sparkling Sun, Vibrant Runners

Coach Sue leads the post-hill session stretching. The AC deck is the place to be on crisp sunny mornings.

The first Foliage and Running camp came and went with glowing sunshine and a collection of runners that gave the weekend wings. With two wife/husband couples, a mother/daughter pair, two running pals and five sparky women from the Melrose Running Club near Boston the energy level was high, the enthusiasm contagious. Weekend camps are a blast of action from start to finish. This iteration with thirteen brand new to Craftsbury runners and two returners was a whole lot of fun. We ran, hiked, learned about injury prevention and training principles, ate, swam and ran some more. Oh, yes. There might have been a few growlers of terrific craft beer on hand, too. Thanks for a super weekend!

Caitlin was all about working the hills

Jessica came with her running partner Dara. Both ran with vigor, looking to get motivation and mojo from the weekend

Presant was focused heading toward his first Matterhorn ascent

Allison and Dorota hammer an uphill together

Sue was one of the Melrose 5 who all stayed in Cabin D for the weekend. I could hear their laugher from the Duck Blind!

A gorgeous day to wade and swim in Willoughby post-Pisgah hike. The little south end beach is perfect for our picnic lunch

The cider, wine and cheese social was held on the AC deck — all the scullers and runners together. Coach Sue and Athlete Sue are rocking smiles together

Synchronicity Craftsbury-style with Caitlin and Coach Mike sharing their admiration for craft beer

The weekend posse all in one place and standing still.

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