New Hilltop Cabins Take Shape


If you’ve skied Lemon’s Haunt recently, you’ve noticed that the trail takes a slightly different route as it makes its final approach back toward the lower soccer field. It dips leftward into the woods as it comes up the hill, to skirt east of the construction site that is gradually turning into our new Hilltop Cabins.

The cabin cluster, designed to look something like a mountain village, will include six structures: 2 triples, 1 double, 2 singles and a common lounge/kitchen building. Each triple will be composed of three units, each capable of holding up to three people. These can be rented separately, or combined into a space for a larger group.

The cabins will all have porches, private baths, small kitchenettes, and nice views either to the west overlooking the lake, or to the east, looking out over the ski trail toward the hills to the east. They’ll be heated by our innovative central heating system that uses the waste heat from our snow-making generator, along with heat from a large high-efficiency wood boiler, solar thermal and a supplemental heat pump in summer.

If all goes well, construction should be done in May or June and the cabins will go online in mid summer. Ultimately, these cabins will replace the rooms in Tamarack Lodge, which will be deconstructed and recycled—probably next Fall.

Get a sense of the construction with this gallery from Green Racing Project skier Caitlin Patterson.

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4 Responses to New Hilltop Cabins Take Shape

  1. Bob Civiak says:

    Will dogs be allowed in the new cabins?

  2. Jae Keary says:

    Are the cabins free standing or attached? do the cabins share the common kitchen?

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