2018 VTYCL Race #1 Recap

Finn Sweet arcing it during the Ascutney race.

We checked in with the new VTYCL team members after their first race at Ascutney at the end of September (read all about the race results).

Leo Circosta climbing hard.

“This race was the farthest we’ve ever travelled to any race,” Leo and Amelia Circosta shared via mom. “Lots to do! Making lists and packing our gear the night before. Getting up at 4:45am so we could get there, preride the course, and so much more. We could not fall asleep on the two-hour car ride because we were so excited. We enjoyed preriding the course and planning our lines. The course was wet and slippery and had much more singletrack than we were anticipating. We both liked splashing through the stream crossing with the hidden hole, which we both hit on each lap. Riding straight through mudholes was great (it’s a race and it was the fastest line). Plus, we’ve had a really dry summer with almost no mud.”

Amelia Circosta standing on top of the podium.

Leo also noted the atmosphere among all the competitors. “Everyone was super friendly, all day (before, during and after the race). What a great feeling we got from everyone all day long. And what an inspiration watching the other races, seeing Finn, Jack and Makail crank out 4 laps, especially with the power they had up the big climb.”

The Varsity boys take the line.

“It was really great,” added Amelia. “I got to ride with a friendly boy who was much bigger than me. We took turns leading each other, had a lot of fun, and pushed each other the entire race.”

Amelia also found inspiration in Ollie’s cheering: “‘C’mon dude!’ ‘Yeah kid!’ ‘You got this!’ ‘You’re doing great!’ – I’m hoping to take Ollie along to all of my races.”

“I wondered: is he really going to follow me up ALL of the switchbacks of this climb?!” asked Leo. “It’s so much better when Ollie is yelling FOR you instead of AT you! Racing and practice are different.”

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences post-race, and to Ollie Burruss and Ben Tipton for spearheading this bike program! Stay tuned for this weekend’s recap!

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