MNC Skiathlon Photos

On Sunday, the Mansfield Nordic Club hosted their annual Skiathlon at the Outdoor Center. A skiathlon race consists of a classic leg followed by a skate leg, with an equipment transition in the middle. This sort of race requires adeptness at both skate and classic techniques, as well as the ability to quickly change skis and poles! The youngsters; ‘Lollipoppers’ and 1st and 2nd graders, only had a classic portion, but everyone else from 3rd graders to those in their 80’s did both skate and classic! Lollipoopers raced approximately 0.3k, grades 1/2 raced 1/5k, graders 3/4 raced 2k, grades 5/6 did 3k, and grades 7/8 did 4k. The open races completed 14k. Thanks to Dave Priganc (DP) and John Lazenby (JL) for the awesome photos! Results for the open race and 7/8th graders can be found here.

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