SBTC Fall Workout of the Week: #1

Coach Gluckman prepares SBTC athletes for HOCR competition this September.

Coach Gluckman prepares SBTC athletes for HOCR competition this September.

Workout Type: A row at moderate stroke and heart rates with a focus on technique over the longer distances associated with head races.

Purpose: Develop flow, feel and the fluid motion on the drive as well as the recovery. Reduce the forced yanking and squareness of the stroke shorter racing can create. Use this time to think more about roundness or circles and not corners at each transition.

Frequency: 3-4 times every 10 workouts. This is a staple of your preparation for the longer fall distances.

Warm up: Technique drills for 8-10 minutes. Two emphases in the warmup:

-Achieving body angle before the knees rise
-Keeping your hands moving through the catch and the release

Workout: Two 36 minute pieces of continuous rowing in the following pattern of ratings:
3 minutes at 21 strokes/minute
2 min. at 24
1 min. at 27

When shifting ratings try not to increase pressure significantly but make the transitions quicker.  Think more about flow than force, sharpening seat catch timing and catch press timing to achieve the new increased rate.

With respect to the timing I allude to, you want to anticipate your arrival at the front stop so your hands are putting the blade into the water before you begin to press on the foot stretcher.  The catch is occurring immediately at the end of the recovery. You can read my Tech Tip on this subject here.

Structure: If your body of water is such that you have to turn around during your pieces, do so quickly to keep your rate of breathing elevated. During the rest period be sure to hydrate with a sport drink and have a piece of fruit or other snack to keep your blood sugar at suitable levels. About 5 minutes rest is sufficient between pieces.

1. Set time and location for start of first piece.
2. Complete standard pre-race land and water warm up – 8-10minutes of technique drills (see above for details)
3. Open your first 36 minute piece with 3 minutes at 21spm.
4. Raise your rating to 24spm for the next 2 minutes. Quick transitions, not muscle!
5. 1 minute at 27spm ends the first 6 minutes of your 36 minute piece. Repeat the process from steps 3-5 an additional 5 times for 36 minutes piece time.
6. 5 minutes of rest. Hydrate, have a snack and gear up on the next interval.
7. Repeat steps 3-5 for your second 36 minute piece.

Cool Down: Light rowing long enough to ensure you arrive back at the dock with your heart rate close to resting pulse numbers

Next Work Out: 6 x 1000m with 1 minutes rest at or slightly faster than 6k pace.

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