GRP 2013: Bringing Class Back

L to R –
Row 1: Jake Barton, Alex Schulz, Ethan Dreissigacker, Lenny Futterman, Kyle Lafferty
Row 2: Jamie Chapman, Kate Miller, Maddie Lips, Rebecca Donald, Mike Gibson, Susan Dunklee, Sarah Keller, Maggie Fellows, Ida Sargent, Elizabeth Donald, Ben Dann
Row 3: Gordon Vermeer, Caitlin Patterson, Liz Guiney, Charlie Biddle, Elizabeth Sonshine, Steve Whelpley, Hugh McAdam, Pete Hegman, Mike Clougher, Lawrence Lopez, Phil Henson

In addition to upping their athletic game, the GRP members are also raising the level of couture around the Center as well with Tie Tuesdays. Pics from this past Tuesday’s evening fresh fashion from the fast folks.

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