Craftsbury In the News: A Running Coach’s Own Words

Longtime coach Greg Wenneborg and Pete relax after a soak in the Black River

Pete Larson, an anatomy and exercise physiology professor who recently left his college position in order to pursue a running-based work life, was new to the running camps this summer. He more than earned his keep each week by lecturing on exercise physiology,  form and biomechanics. Plus he provided exhaustive high-speed video analysis as the runners executed a tough and fast track session. His thorough knowledge of running shoes, biomechanics and anatomy held every runner’s attention and his love of running and science shone through everything he discussed. In short, he was a natural at Craftsbury.

Pete’s just written about his time at Craftsbury on his blog, Runblogger (click through for the full story).  Thanks Pete!

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  1. Peter Larson says:

    Thanks Lynn, I had a blast in Craftsbury!

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