Run2Scull Camp

Gymnast turned runner Jenny’s impressive handstand on Mt. Pisgah was eye-catching.

Alan shared Creek Road with a magnificent black bear.

The first running camp of 2015 was small in numbers and expansive in athleticism, grit and drive. Run2Scull camp attracted six brand-new to Craftsbury runners, two brand-new Craftsbury coaches, and a VP from Saucony’s Human Performance & Innovation Lab to talk to us about runners and running shoe bio-mechanics. We had gorgeous crisp late spring days, torrential rains and memorable animal sightings. Even better, we had runners who took to sculling like, well, ducks to water. This year we tried something different having the runner/scullers participate in the thrice weekly Community Rowing program. With the GRP rowers coaching the nascent scullers we had our never-nevers going  from one end of Big Hosmer to the other on their second row. What a fun week!

Misting rain and a tough track session bred companionship for Eduardo and Jenny.

Coaches Jo Jo and Jo keep their eyes on their runners as their clipboards get drenched.

Alex’s first ever track workout culminated in a wildly fast relay leg before he handed off to Coach Jo.

Spencer loves filming runners. We studied our bio-mechanics after the workout and learned about shoe performance, too.

We dry our shoes old school at Craftsbury. The trick was finding out where the piles of newspapers were stashed!

June = lupines and we saw lots all week long.

Clearly this is the beginning of Endurathon Day — lotsa energy abounding.

Coach Jo Jo and Rachel cruise the 6 miles to Westmore Beach.

Eduardo finishes Endurathon Day in style. His wife gave him a week at running camp for a present.

Julie came to camp ready to do everything. She loves animals and was happy to meet our sheep at Hosmer Point.

Once we learned Julie really likes pigs, we took an easy run down to HP just to see them.

Coach Jo and Jenny traverse the Ridge Run on a spectacular morning.

Beguiling array of oars on a bright sunny morning.

Runners, coaches and oars. The week flew by. See you next year, Runner/Scullers!

When was the last time “Mercedes” and “Fartlek” were in the same sentence? Coach Jo Jo’s ride provides the answer.


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